Game Over

Bright, flashing, multicolored lights flickered across the small screen. Reds and yellow, pinks and greens, purples, oranges and blues tangoed and sambaed along their black dance floor. 8-bit music played mockingly in the background. The air was stifling. The air was room was dark. The roaring whirl of the heater was nearly deafening; almost drowning out the infernal being of the music. Curly black hair was matted against a glistening golden forehead and neck. Brown eyes shone with unshed tears as they stared unblinking at the screen. Sadness was clear in the eyes. Suddenly, rage flashed across the eyes as anger slowly began building within the small body. Pink lips curled downward. Then, those pink lips began to grow redder as each second passed. Small white teeth harshly abused the bottom lip. As skin broke and red, life-giving liquid slowly seeped onto the lip. Slipping between clenched lips, the tongue licked at the wound. The taste of copper was overwhelming. The life-giving liquid was back where it needed to be. Tiny hands trembled as they gripped the small rectangular device. Veins bulged and protruded from the dark yet pale uncovered arms. The dancing lights flickered across the screen continuously. It was hypnotizing to watch. Reds and yellow, pinks and greens, purples, oranges and blues. Abruptly, the screen when black. The whimsical and invigorating music paused. A second passed. Then another. Blinding white light assaulted amber eyes. Amber eyes never blinked. The music turned glum. Breathing stopped. A second passed. Then another. Then another. Finally, a bestial cry escaped from the small mouth. Pent up anger was released. The rectangular device was thrown across the room. A door slammed shut. The room was empty. The device’s screen continued to glow.

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