Wanna-be Art Critic Part 2

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Edward Hopper; Cape Code Morning (1950); 4’x4’; Oil on Canvas

The painting is very smooth and bright. I really get the feeling that the morning is just beginning. I like the highlights of woman’s face and dress. I like the attention to detail. The highlights on the trees give off a sense of warmth. I like that the colors are all very warm, which makes me feel happy. The blending of the grass is a nice touch, and the shadows of the trees on the grass give the painting a sense of depth. However, to me, the painting as a whole seems a bit 2-D. I feel as if the trees are right next to the woman in the house, and not a few yards away. The picture could use more depth. Aside from that, I find the picture to be pleasant.

Image via

Georgia O’Keefe; Manhattan (1932); 9’x3’; Oil on Canvas

The painting is very geometric with the vast amount of rectangles. The rectangles make up the building, which exaggerates the height of the buildings. There are three flowers in the painting, however, they don’t really stand out against the blue and pick background. The middle of the paining consist of white buildings, which immediately draws the viewers attention because of it being surrounded by the colors building in the background. The painting is very abstract. At first view, it is hard to see the buildings that are supposed to be made up of tall rectangles. Only the small rectangles’ representing windows and the narrow triangles gives the image the idea that the picture is suppose to be of houses and buildings. Because of all of the buildings so close together, I get the feeling of crowding. Personally, I don’t really like the painting because it reminds me of cubism (which I’m not a fan of), while the colors are a bit to dull for my liking.

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