Pokémon Training to the Extreme! Yeah Right…

The fact that I am a Pokémon fan is the first thing that people tend to notice about me. Usually, I’m walking around playing the game on my 3DS with my eyes glued to the screen rather that paying attention to what others are saying or doing. And if I actually take the time to speak with someone, there’s a 95% chance that I will in some way, shape, or form, mention Pokémon within the first ten minutes of the conversation. I don’t put a lot of stock in the card game; I much prefer the video games simply because I enjoy the feeling of playing through a journey and raising my Pokémon companions to become the champion of whatever region the game takes place in. And of course I watched the show growing up— I still do from time to time if it’s a particularly interesting episode; although my dislike of Ash is what has been turning me off from it as of late (last 10 years or so). My love for the game, however, has in no way diminished over the years.

Before spring break started, a few of my friends and I decided that we would have team battles once school resumed after break. I was immediately excited. It’s actually pretty rare for me to battle against real people. I’m easily intimidated my others because of my lack of in-depth strategy. In game NPCs are easy enough for me to defeat because they’re so predictable and easy to overwhelm with brute force. Now, while I don’t expect this to be a full blown metagame, this time I actually have to put real thought into my actions if I want to win. It’s time to consult the almighty helix fossil!

So after checking out my friends’ PC boxes, I came to a glaring conclusion: my Pokémon suck. I had never realized that they (my friends) EV and IV trained their teams for perfect stats. Sadly, my pokémon teams are utter trash compared to theirs. There was no way that I could ever hope to beat them when we battled. It was then that I vowed that my entire spring break would be dedicated to training them for competitive battle; something that I have never done before. So when I arrived home Thursday night before break officially began, I immediately put together a list of the pokémon that I planned to use during the battle. I had never realized how difficult it was to choose only six pokémon that would get me through anything that they managed to throw at me.

I actually favor bulky Pokémon because they can take hits. So Pokémon with great defense and special defense is a must. That automatically puts Bulbasuar and Snorlax on the team. Other than that, I decided to breed a bunch a pokémon to train for the week to get them into fighting shape.

I was totally getting amped up for the 27th to arrive!

But the very next day I went out and bought a new game, Fire Emblem: Awakening because why not? I should have known better. Pokémon Y was immediately tossed to the side as the battlefield tactics of Fire Emblem quickly consumed my attention.

Pokemon battle? What Pokémon battle?

See ya!

P.S. What Pokémon do you guys think would make a great well rounded team?

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