Art Midterms Are A Pain…

So today is the beginning of midterm exam week and I must say that I am utterly swamped with work that needs to be completed. The majority of the work is for my art classes. And for those of you who think that art “is an easy A” course and is useless, I have one thing to tell you:

Many people believe that all you do is stroll into class, color in a coloring book for two and a half hours, and roll out at the end of the semester with teachers tossing around A’s from the top of their tables like its candy. Sadly, that’s not how it works. Art takes a lot of time and dedication to complete; the more time and effort put into the work, the better the end product is. But as I said, it takes time; time that I do not have thanks to the enormous workload that my non-art classes dumped on me last minute. Well, maybe not last minute, but pretty close to it (in my opinion at least).

For my midterm project in my 3D course, the theme is metamorphosis. My professor distinctly forbid us from doing something cliché, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. He wanted us to think outside of the box; like a cow turing onto a hamburger, or a hand into a spider- basically, anything so long that it’s interesting. The only real stipulations are (1) it has to be made out of clay and (2) it must be “awesome.”

Being the overachiever that I am in art classes, I decided to go big- never mind the fact that I have never worked with clay in my entire life. My original idea was to create a rose turing into a ballerina. Awesome, right? Yeah. Didn’t work out. The torso of the ballerina kept slumping no matter what I did, so that idea was scrapped. My next and current idea is to turn the flower into a swan. It seemed a bit easier in my head. So I’ve gone from this:


To this:

image-5                      image-4

And finally this:

image-2     image-1

So now that the flowers are out of the way. I plan to move onto the swan tonight. I hope to have this entire thing complete by tomorrow night… I know that I’m not getting any sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

See ya!

One thought on “Art Midterms Are A Pain…

  1. Awesome roses. I’m no artist, but I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve accomplished after trying new things. You’re really talented 🙂

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