Let’s See Where This Winding Road Takes Us!


I see that you’ve stumbled across my small area of the internet. For that, I applaud you! So what exactly is the point of this blog? Well, first off, you must understand a few things about me. In reality, I am a painfully shy girl; this makes speaking to others, never mind public speaking, almost impossible for me. I am very self-conscious, something that seems to have developed from living in the shadow of a very outgoing older brother (He always says that he casts such a large shadow. That jerk…). My shyness often prevents me from doing things that interest me, such as making new friends and trying out ballroom dancing. However, I made a new years resolution that I would attempt to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. You only live once and I’ve decided that I don’t want to have any regrets when I’m older. As a person that doesn’t do social media— never had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.— creating this blog in and of itself is forcing me outside of my comfort zone.

As of this moment, this blog will be a living record of my experiences living on a college campus and trying new things. Writing and art making has always been my primary vehicle for communicating my thoughts and emotions to the world, so I hope to share some of my work with you in the hopes of bettering my skills (or lack thereof). I also hope to share with you my obsession that is the wonderful world of anime and video gaming. Be warned: there may be quite a few rants about the unfairness of games and stories of me rage quitting. Aside from that, Amusebox will be a place for me to connect with you and share my journey. I encourage suggestions and will most likely post a lot of questions about certain situations that I need clarified. Otherwise, we’ll see where Amusebox goes from here.

See you next time!

One thought on “Let’s See Where This Winding Road Takes Us!

  1. I am a senior and I definitely know how it feels to be shy in college. I don’t think my shyness is at the same level of yours, but a blog is a nice step in the right direction to put yourself out there more!

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